Writing Advice

How to recharge your writing life


I’m always reading how writing seems to be the answer for every problem in the writer’s life. Can’t write? Then go write. Can’t find a topic? Go write. Well that’s great that there are folks out there that can write a lot. If you’ve got a deadline to make, or a huge writing contract that requires you to write 24-7, then by all means, please disregard this piece of advice.

But what if you’re an indie writer that’s just doing it for passion? Well, that’s why I’m writing this post. This is for you.

Writing should be fun. It’s cliche, but it’s also the damn truth. The minute you start stressing over every word count it ceases to be fun and becomes work!

This is surefire way to kill your creative juices and damage your writing mojo. The solution? Easy. You take a break. Take a few days, or even a few weeks to recharge your batteries. But don’t go cold turkey. Work on an outline or an idea. Take a break without cutting yourself off from writing altogether.

Now some of you might disagree with this approach. And that’s fine. It’s a free country, but if writing is becoming a chore then you may wish to try it. I’m on a writing hiatus right now after completing the latest draft of my upcoming YA novel Guns And Dogs. And trust me, I haven’t betrayed my muse by taking an extended writing break. Hell, I’ve probably empowered my muse.

So give it a go folks. Your writing will thank you.


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