Writing Advice

What does patience and writing have in common?


The majority of writers today do not make enough to support themselves. Yes. You read correctly. Sorry if I popped your unrealistic bubble that was based on a get-rich-quick scheme where writing is concerned.

Writing is an art. And you really should keep the unrealistic fantasy at an arms length so it doesn’t affect your ability to create the best possible book or short story.

Many newbies think that one book will propel them to fame and fortune. Look, if you’re doing this for those reasons, then I really doubt your overall dedication. This is something you do for love. Yes, there are hacks out there trying to chase the market, but why aspire to be like them.

Be like you!

Patience comes into play. Don’t plan on making it with one or two books. Have a long-term game plan where your writing is concerned. Network with successful writers or learn what you can to make yourself a more well-rounded person that is built for success over a long period.

Ok. Lecture over. Now go out there and start building a strong foundation that will set you up for long-term success. And remember, patience should be your watchword.


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