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The most important part of publishing

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As most of you all know I am currently working on getting my next novel, Guns And Dogs, published. What you may not know is how it has been delayed publication due to the quality control aspect. Well, this is the most important part of publishing.

For me, writing is the easy part. I create an outline, and go from there, while adjusting the structure of the book as it takes on its own identity. But that’s just the beginning.

If you’re working to get your first book out there, you owe it to your potential audience to get the BEST book to market. This means, you don’t rush the editing process.

You then edit the living hell out of it. Then get a good editor to check your edits. A few back and forth exchanges will yield a better manuscript. Then it’s time for the beta-readers. You find 2-5 people whom you trust to help you weed out errors in the book that could take away from the reading experience. This included grammar and punctuation.

Again, it all about the editing folks. Yes, writing the book is important, but how well you edit it will determine its readability. Marketing can only do so much for a book that reeks of errors stemming from amateurism.

Guns and Dogs, my upcoming Young Adult novel, was originally scheduled to be released back in March. But I took a look at the book and realized it needed more work. Trust me, fans will wait for a book’s  release, and believe me when I tell you that it will be worth it in the end when you see how satisfied your reading audience is.



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