What Prince meant to my Universal Soul


These past few days have been strange ones. Not just because the world lost one of it’s greatest musical talents, but because I had felt something tugging at my soul. It was almost as if there was some disturbance in the universe.

You can call me crazy.I think I might be. After all, who would become a Writer in the first place, right? An occupation that gifts its users with a never-ending barrage of words that must be re-edited until madness descends upon the soul.

Well it must said that I was listening to some heavy doses of Prince’s music for the past few days before his departure. Call it premonition or just a massive helping of coincidence. Some higher power was asking me to honor one of its greatest creations as his time on this planet in the flesh was drawing to an end.

Then the news came of his death. It saddened me like it did so many others. But I do not weep for his death. For someone as talented as he was, death is but a momentary lapse of reality. Prince was just one of those mega-stars, like Micheal Jackson, Elvis and Curt Cobain. Now his legacy takes its rightful place next to all the other Legends who preceded him into the great unknown we call death.

So I say this to Prince’s soul, or whatever caused me to honor his timeless tunes even before he left us, thank you for touching my artistic soul. I will never be the same.


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