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The worst thing a Writer can do to their career.


This is going to be a quick post. Not a lot of hooplah or paragraphs of advice chock full of detailed explanations.

Guys and Gals. I’ve been seeing more and more of this amateurish behavior from so many newbie writers. You know what it is?

Ok. Here it is. Plain and simple. If you’ve written one book, don’t stop there. Go on and start writing that second one, and while you’re doing that start planning the 3rd one.

I’m tired of seeing people spam their one book on social media and hoping to hit it big. Chances are, unless you’re Harper Lee or J.D. Salinger, you’re not gonna hit it big with that first one.

Call me negative, call me a misogynistic scribbler. I can take it. But if you’re banking on that ONE BOOK you really need a reality check.

Now, if you have written one book and it’s ranked in the top 100 on amazon.com, congratulations. In that case, you can disregard this post.




5 thoughts on “The worst thing a Writer can do to their career.

  1. I absolutely completely agree, the only way to make it is to keep writing and get more books out there. I can’t wait to get started on my next WIP after I publish my first! I don’t think I’ll start really improving until my 3rd or 4th published novels (I have written a few others – but they’re so shit I don’t count them lol)

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