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Please show Dianne your support!


A few days ago I noticed that, unceremoniously, some of my reviews had been removed. Then I found out that those missing reviews belonged to my deal friend Dianne Bylo, one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met.

For all of you who do not know her, Dianne Runs a blog called Tome Tender, where she kindly volunteers her time, reviewing books for Independent Writers, whom she loves to death.

Sadly, her reviews were removed by Amazon for no apparent reason. These reviews constituted years of work by Dianne, who helps support thousands of Indie Writers for zero financial compensation.

Over the years I’ve become quite good friends with her, and when I learned this it really hurt, not only because I lost valued reviews from a kindhearted human-being, but because she’s been doing this for years-legitimately I might add- and it makes no sense why Amazon would do this. Even worse, they claim she violated her review policy and won’t respond to her e-mails.

If you can visit Dianne’s blog and voice your support, not only would you be helping a stand-up gal like her, but you’ll be helping thousands of Independent Writers who desperately need reviews-from tireless people like Dianne-to get their books noticed.

So please, let’s all support Dianne!




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