How I changed my day for the better, read on…


Today was going great. In the morning I had a great chat with an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and then with wind in my sails, I went off to work. Then, while I was working,disaster struck, and my equipment failed. Did I lose my cool? No. Experience has taught me not to do so. But I was frustrated, too frustrated. Maybe that’s a fault I need to work on, but this was the 6th equipment failure I encountered in the last 5 months, so perhaps I was entitled to a little frustration. But I did one thing I always do when I get flustered, I took a break and headed rather than sit there and simmer. Did I give up too soon? Maybe. My co-workers thought so. But I’d like to think that when I get angry it’s best to just walk away from something,instead of risking making a mistake while in the heat of a bad moment.

What I’m saying is, there’s no shame in being angry. But if you must get angry, make sure you don’t make a rash decision. Cut your losses, and move on. Tomorrow I’ll have extra work to do, but I’m ready for it.

And how did I turn my anger into something positive? I came home and wrote this blog post, which I hope will help whoever reads it.

Thanks for your time,

T.A. Uner


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