Writing Advice

How vacations improve creativity


Just got back from the beach less than 72 hours ago and I feel like I can now take on the next step in my current project. Why? Well refueling the writing tank is always a good thing, especially if you haven’t taken a vacation in over two years.

But what is it that helps with creativity? Is it the sunshine? The beach? Or perhaps the decadent food one encounters when taking off from the rigors of daily life?

I would have to say change of scenery. Yes. I’m quite serious. Getting out of your all-too-familiar surroundings is a great way to clear the mental slate and preparing for the return. I personally did not write one word while I was in Virginia Beach this past week. Ok I lied, maybe I wrote a few sentences. The wind was gusting and it rained, but I was with loved ones and some memory-making moments were to be had.

When I came back, even though I was only gone for 4 days, I felt renewed, and knew that the break was long overdue. Knowing I had to return to the final round of audiobook edits for I, Mars.


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