Writing Advice

How blog tours influence book reviews


Are you a writer? You are? Great. I’m sure you know that as a writer, especially a new one, you’ll need reviews. Reviews drive sales, and give your book(s) credibility. But, when you’re first starting out, reviews are like the Holy Grail. Very difficult to find. But getting reviews doesn’t have to be a pain. Here are some tips to follow, and in no time you’ll be racking up those precious reviews.

1)Sign up for a book blog tour: These are great and there’s one for every budget. You pay to have your book reviewed by various book blogs. This is a great way to get some exposure around the net and the people who follow those blogs can sample your work.

2)Goodreads:A lot of people don’t use take advantage of Goodreads.com. There are tons of booklovers out there just dying to read/review a free book. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3)Friends:Yes. Your friends can help you out too. Make sure they like to read first before asking them.

So there you have it. Three great tips. And you don’t have to spend a fortune either.

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com, where he blogs about writing, self-publishing and sales & marketing. You can also subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.


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