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Should Writers sign advertising deals?


Advertising on your Author website is a great way to make extra money and can lead to more lucrative future deals. But be warned, no two advertising deals are alike. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with before signing away precious web advertising space.

The other day I was offered a respectable sum by an advertiser. While most Authors would’ve jumped on the deal, I waited for other offers to come in and I compared them against each other. Did I take any of these deals? No. Why? Because unless you are being offered a substantial sum, you shouldn’t be giving away space to the first few advertisers knocking at your door.

The reason for this is autonomy. The more control you have over your website, the better. Besides, unless someone is offering you $1000 or more dollars per year, it’s probably best to pass, because the last thing you want is pesky pop-ups and flashy links decorating your website.

Thanks for listening.

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com, where he blogs about writing, self-publishing and sales & marketing. You can also subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.


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