Writing Advice

How Love improves writing


Do you want to improve your writing? Sure. Who doesn’t. Here’s one simple trick to make sure your output mirrors your writing goals. What am I talking about? Emotion. Or more specifically, Love.

Yes. Love. You read correctly.

In order to craft your best work, you have to shelve all negativity. Negativity is the assassin of creativity. It’s that simple.

Instead focus on some good things. Like whatever makes you happy. Use the emotion of hope to egg you on to better things and watch your writing take off. If you like, put on some music in the background, or listen to motivational tapes if that’s your thing.

Put positive emotions to work for you.

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com, where he blogs 4-5 times a week about writing, self-publishing, and sales & marketing. Please subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. He will dance on his hands if you do.


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