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The amazing strength of failure


Failure. To some, it signals the end. But for others, myself included, it’s a temporary obstacle which spurs us to continue.

I’ve been writing since the 4th grade. And it wasn’t till about 10 years ago I decided to pursue representation. For ten years I wrote and wrote, while enduring rejection from agents, publishers and studios. Did I feel like quitting? I won’t lie, that thought crossed my mind every time a rejection letter arrived in my mailbox.

So how did I cope with it? Simple. I looked at the positive angle and continued developing my writing. And, despite the mounting rejection slips that I continued to accumulate, I stayed the course, and now my writing is at the level where it needs to be. Can it get better? Of course. You never stop learning.

Now I look back and say, maybe it was good I never got signed by an agent. I’m serious. Looking at my old self, I was in no way prepared to deal with an agent on equal terms, and chances are I would’ve signed away the rights to my characters.

I also wouldn’t of written the Leopard King Saga. A series I really believe in and love. This I owe all to failure, my constant companion on the road to ultimate success.

With the rise of independent publishing, my books have taken their place next to their traditionally published brethren, and who is to say that someday, all that failure I endured will not elevate me to even greater heights?

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com, where he blogs about writing, self-publishing and sales & marketing. You can also subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.


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