Writing Advice

Writers: Don’t get caught doing this!


Ok. I’m going to make this perfectly clear. If you’re a new writer, just embarking on your career, do not EVER get caught doing this.

What is it you ask? Simple. Don’t chase the market.

What does that mean? Easy. Don’t try and write what you think will sell.

The publishing world is fickle. What sells today may become yesterday’s news tomorrow. Besides, do you really want to be known as a hack? Sure, there are a lot of hacks out there, but when you chase the market, your best work, the words that you were meant to publish, are ignored in favor of material that isn’t your best work.

Besides, even if you were to write something you felt was “sellable” there’s still no guarantee it will sell.

That’s why everyone has a muse, that source of inspiration that pushes you to write something unique, something that only you could write.

So it’s best to remain true to your muse and listen to it, even though visions of grandeur maybe telling you to do otherwise. It’s tempting yes, but learn to control it, and not let it dictate what you will write next.

Just because what you write doesn’t sell today, doesn’t mean its a bomb. Like I said, the market is fickle, and you never know when readers will change their minds again.

T.A. Uner is the author of several novels and short stories. He can be found blogging about self-publishing, writing and sales & marketing. Please visit him at LeopardKingSaga.com and subscribe to his blog posts.


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