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The Secret Life of Writers: Part II


Today we continue our discussion on the traits of a successful writer.

If you missed it, you can read Part I by clicking the link below:

Now let’s get started with Part II:

Patience: Can’t stress this trait enough. If you have little or no patience, you won’t make it as a writer. Why? Like any job you have to be patient and let things develop on their own. Patience to create a strong plot, likeable characters and good conflict to make your stories work. You also have to be patient and allow your writing to develop.

Imagination: Without imagination, you’re not going to make it as a writer. Imagination is the vehicle for storytelling. So if you lack it, try and develop it. Try reading and watching the best books and films available. Read a lot of material that will stimulate your mind.

Grammar: Without proper grammar, your stories will look sloppy and be incoherent. Readers won’t take you seriously, and why should they? If you didn’t take the proper time to edit your work or hire an editor, you shouldn’t be publishing in the first place. Make sure your book is in the best possible shape before you even think about publishing it.

Positive Attitude: This is the most important. If you embark on a writing career with a negative or unrealistic mindset, prepare to fail, and fail miserably. Writing should be fun, but you should also have a realistic mindset. Writing is a journey, not a destination. Keep this is mind when you begin your writing career. So there you have it. All the traits needed for a successful writer career. It’s not pretty, but you need to know the honest truth of the writing life.

T.A. Uner is the Author of various novels and short stories. He blogs 4 times a week about Writing, Self-Publishing, and Sales & Marketing trends. Please visit him at LeopardKingSaga.com and subscribe to his informative e-mails.


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