Writing Advice

The Secret Life of Writers: Part I


Why did I become a writer? Simple, I’m not the best person to trust with numbers, not can I sing or dance like Michael Jackson. But I am creative, and my imagination runs wild like a untamed mustang, so that’s why I chose this occupation.

Is it all fun and games? No I’m afraid not, but few careers are as mentally/spiritually rewarding. But let me tell you what it’s really like being a writer, and the often misguided fantasies would-be scribes contemplate when embarking on a writer’s path. Share this information with no one.

Determination: Like any white collar occupation, being a writer requires lots of mental stamina. You can stare at a computer screen for hours, and there is no guarantee that the words will flow onto the page. But it’s better to write down whatever comes to mind, rather than not write at all.

Fame: Fame. If you ask me it’s overrated. And let’s be realistic here, if you think writing is your ticket to fame, think again. Most writer’s cannot afford to make a living off their trade. You know the old cliché: “Don’t quit your day job?” Well that applies here in spades.

Competition: Again, if you think that you’ll hit it big with your first book, think again. Over 1,500 books are published daily on Amazon.com, and with the birth of the Independent writing movement, that means it’s even harder to stand out. The solution? Expect to crank out 1-3 good books per year and market the bejesus out of them. And even then there is no guarantee of success. You have been warned!

Still want to become a writer? Man, you must be a sucker for punishment. But that’s ok, so am I. Tomorrow we’ll continue our chat on what the writing life entails. I shall see you then.

T.A. Uner blogs about Writing, Self-Publishing, and Sales & Marketing trends. Please visit him at LeopardKingSaga.com and subscribe to his informative e-mails. He promises to make it worth your time.


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