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Blood, Sweat & Brains equals Free book for you!













I’ve been working hard, wracking my brains (blood flowing fast & sweating hard too) to come up with  something to reward all the great folks who’ve been visiting My brain has come up with a quick reader quiz for you.

  • The first 17 people who answer this question correctly win a free eBook. My debut novel THE LEOPARD VANGUARD: BOOK 1 of THE LEOPARD KING SAGA. This quiz is to celebrate the upcoming release of the second novel of THE LEOPARD KING SAGA, coming August 26, to be called THE LEOPARD STRATAGEM. The question is below:
  • WHICH ANIMAL WAS THE OFFICIAL SYMBOL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE? (Hint: this animal is also the national symbol for the U.S.A and GERMANY. So let’s get those answers from you. Please e-mail your answer to: and remember the first 17 correct answers wins a free eBook, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD.
  • Hurry! Contest closes on August 3rd!

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