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Do you listen to your Muse?

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The Muse. A Writer’s best friend. But for some of us that want to make a quick name for ourselves in today’s competitive market, the Muse can be a neglected commodity.

Some writers like to chase the market, and that’s fine. Not here to criticize or judge. Never. But consider this: Why do you think you have a Muse? I’ll give you five seconds to think this one over.

Ok. Well the reason you have a Muse is because you’re an artist: writer, painter, musician, etc. That’s where your best work comes from. I call it soul work. To ignore it is almost a sin. It’s like having a Free Menu item coupon at a restaurant and not using it. Ok maybe that wasn’t the best of analogies, but what I’m trying to say is that you really have to believe in yourself when you sit down and get cracking with your chosen profession. Your Muse is in constant dialog with your imagination, and to ignore it usually spells doom.

Sure you can write a hit novel chasing the market, and I’m not here to tell you otherwise, but the essence of art is the Muse, that constant voice deep within you that demands to be heard. It’s where the artist’s most authentic work comes from.

Do you think Hemingway would’ve been Hemingway if he’d abused/neglected his muse? Or what about Picasso? What if he took his muse out to the back of his studio and left it there. We wouldn’t have experienced his best art. Heaven forbid Leonardo Da Vinci or any other Renaissance artist ignoring their muses. Then we might not have had the Renaissance at all.

It chills the bone to even think that.

Write to have fun. Write to express yourself. Or heck, write that great American novel you’ve dreamed of.

Just be sure to tap into your Muse.

So what do you think, Dear reader? Do you tap your Muse when you’re crafting your beloved artwork? Be it painting, writing, composing, etc.? I’d like to hear from you folks!


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