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Secrets of Best-Selling Books: Part I



People write and ask me what’s the secret to writing a best-selling book? Being a daily hot topic, I decided to dedicate a series of Blog posts for this subject. Part I begins today. Ready? Here goes.

For Part I, we’ll focus on Genre Fiction, and how to connect with readers to boost your audience. These days the bestselling books tend to lean toward Young Adult, New Adult, Romance and M/M genres. But do you have to write in one of these genres to get the most sales? Not necessarily. I write Fantasy, Historical and Science Fiction. Sometimes, I even combine the three but I do it in a seamless way so I don’t spread myself to thin and write myself into a corner. The key to writing a potential bestseller is to focus your subject matter to one genre, if you spread yourself too thin, you risk alienating readers, and that’s a proverbial “no-no”.

People ask me why I decided to write my Leopard King Saga and place the series in Ancient Rome. “How is Rome relevant today?” They ask. Good question!

It’s easy really. If you write genre fiction and decide to plot stories away from contemporary settings, you owe it to yourself, and more importantly to the reading public, to produce fiction that ties-in to today’s world.

My Flagship series, the Leopard King Saga, takes place in First Century Rome, but do you know how much of Ancient Rome remains with us today? The U.S. in indebted to the Romans, who were way ahead of their time. The list of accomplishments are extensive, but lets take a look at the most obvious.

American society, which serves as a beacon of freedom for the western world originated from the great ancients, beginning with the Greeks and Romans. Our Political system, the senate being one, is modeled after the ancient Roman system. So is the architecture of many buildings that house our lawmakers and civil servants.

Technology. Modern road design, public sanitation and indoor plumbing were all developed by Romans. Means for water transport and building techniques like concrete aqueducts are Roman inventions. So there you are.

Now lets turn to another topic. The next way to connect Genre Fiction with readers, is with the people who inhabit your stories. Characters. So I took Ancient Rome and packaged it up with REAL people that readers can relate to. How? Simple. By using my life experiences, good and bad, and making my characters live and breath on paper. It may sound cliché, but readers want to connect with characters, plot may be king, but characters are a close second. My characters are so real I find myself thinking about them, like I would my friends and loved ones, those are the types of people you want inhabiting your stories.

For Part II of this series, well get into characters on a deeper level and how to make them stand out in genre fiction.

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