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Why negative book reviews arent “bad”




People e-mail me all the time about how I deal with negative reviews for my books. Easy. I don’t.

Negative reviews, to me, are “good reviews in disguise”. Now before you write me off as crazy please read on.

Since I’m a writer lets use book reviews as an example, but you can apply this methodology to any product you’re selling. If all your product’s reviews were good, don’t you think that would seem a little strange? Of course it would. It would reek of rotten fish, and rightfully so.

Negative reviews, or “good reviews in disguise,” actually legitimizes your product. How? It makes it human. Since nothing is perfect, it shows itself for what it really is. Of course the more good reviews, the better. Example: if you’ve got like 1000 good reviews and 200 so-called “bad” reviews, that 200 can actually work to your advantage. The people buying your product will know its legit. Since not every product can ever be loved by everyone. So negative reviews can actually gauge your product and keep you decent.

This is what I tell people who ask me how I deal with “negative” reviews. Besides, it’s wasted energy to get all worked up about a “negative” review, all that does is hurts you.

Instead, turn that frustration into positive energy. Work on your next project and make sure that when its released you smile when you see “negative reviews.

So what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Why negative book reviews arent “bad”

  1. Michelle Mueller says:

    Good point. You can’t please everyone. And actually sometimes people will buy a book because of the things a person said they didn’t like about it (aka: the negative review). Maybe the things they didn’t like are things that I do like, for instance. So negative reviews can work in that way, too. 🙂

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