Announcements, Epic Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Sword & Sorcery, Young Adult

“Stone Ram” character preview #3: Blood Reeper


Blood Reeper is a sadistic warlord who resides over the Darklands, an inhospitable domain devoid of light. He commands a powerful army, called the Black Wasps who threaten the peace of The Known World. Along with his air force, the Xot Marauders, Blood Reeper wreaks havoc across the land in order to satisfy his appetite for conquest.

In addition to this he is a powerful necromancer and is protected by his Elite Guard, The Knights of the Dead Table.

Not much is known of the Blood Reeper’s origins. Some say he was a disfigured magician who originated from the Unknown Wastes, others say he’s a demon from another dimension. Whatever his origins he is a dangerous threat to the Kingdom of Rek and its neighboring states.


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