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New announcement on upcoming YA novel “Stone Ram”

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After a long and drawn out process I have finished the editing of “Stone Ram,” my new YA Fantasy novel. Let me tell you, this wasn’t easy. My formatter abandoned me during the formatting stage and I had to find a new formatter. So glad it happened actually, the new formatter is not only ten times better than the old, but his prices are better too.

Ok, I’m starting to get off point, so back to the book. “Stone Ram” features a highly original hero, Fabian SilverSword, a blind shepherd boy living a very drab lifestyle. But a change in fate allows him to become the type of person he dreams of. He also experiences many new things, and encounters some strange allies on his quest. I’m not going to give you any spoilers because this book is too good to miss, and I want everyone to check it out. This will also be my first YA novel. It is also the last “intermediary” book featuring another antagonist that will link the first and upcoming second Leopard King Saga books. I can’t tell you how exciting it has been to write these three mini-trilogy books. The characters turned out exactly the way I wanted them to, and many fine folks like you have taken an interest in these three books and written reviews on either or, whether you live in the USA or abroad I am very proud to have been able to write for you.

Anyhow, here’s a link to the synopsis of “Stone Ram.” I’ll have another announcement regarding a special article series I plan on doing, starting next week that will feature five major characters from the book. Please see below:

Thanks for all your attention and support. I am so glad to have fans like you.




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