Epic Fantasy

The truth about women and books…


Women are some of the biggest, most voracious readers on this planet. These loyal bibliophiles read enough books to line our solar system. No joke. So why do women like to read so much? Is it because:

1)They’re looking for an outlet?

2)The types of men they desire can only be found within the pages of an exciting novel?

3)The book market is typically geared towards women? Paranormal, Romance, Vampire, etc.

4)Just a coincidence?

Perhaps its all of the above, excluding #4. Surely it cannot be coincidence that so many female readers are out there, devouring books like they’re gourmet meals served in classy restaurants. I’d like to think this is a good thing though, for the ladies and for the book industry as well.

Why do you think women are so much into reading?


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