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Favorite book titles of all time?


There are thousands of great books written down the centuries that are timeless, and the titles that define them. So which titles, and there are sure to be many, stand out best in your minds? And why? What is it about these titles that has made this book timeless in society? Or for that matter timeless in your heart and soul?


4 thoughts on “Favorite book titles of all time?

  1. Michelle Mueller says:

    Back in college, my professors often stressed the importance of titles, even for academic papers; when correctly chosen, they can say a lot about the work itself. They can even be used as literary or stylistic devices.

    When I think of titles, the first that comes to mind is Gone with the Wind. Most would probably agree that Gone with the Wind is a timeless classic, yet there is a dichotomy between the timelessness of the book (and all that the book entails) and the way that the title (as well as the events which transpire in the novel) connotes a very real sense of time — that nothing is timeless. More specifically, that things change, regardless of how we might wish that they wouldn’t. With that being said, Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite books, so perhaps I am biased!

    On a side note, I recently bought, read, and reviewed The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch because the title was so catchy. I loved the alliteration.

    What about you?

  2. Carl Bray says:

    Oooh lots of books run through my mind! The Destroyer series by Warren Murphy or The Dumarest Saga by E C Tubb. Giri by Marc Olden and Cold War in a country Garden by Lindsay Gutteridge……and many more.

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