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What makes readers happy?


Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this article you probably like good stories. So what makes you happier: great characters or a strong plot?

A great plot can mask characters whose depths haven’t been fully explored, this gets the reader wondering what the payoff will be, what twists and turns to expect as the story unfolds.

A great plot can also explore a central theme, or themes, depending on how the author has decided the craft the story.

What about character? Of course nobody wants to read about shallow characters when they invest their hard-earned currency into an ebook, hardcover or paperback. Man, that’s just not right.

We want to read about people we can relate to. People who have flaws and weaknesses. Nobody can relate to a hero or heroine who is omnipotent. Nobody’s perfect after all. Unless you’re a narcissist. In that case I can’t help you.

So which is more important. Plot? Or Character?


Most writers try to focus on only one aspect when writing a novel. But you can have both, deep characters, and, a strong plot. Together they form an unbeatable combo that can turn any reader into a fan of your writing.

So how do you do it? How can you have both?

Simple. Read the classics and combine those reads with the genre you want to make a name in. It just takes patience.

So try it out.

Your reader will be happier.

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com, where he blogs 4-5 times a week about writing, self-publishing and sales & marketing. You can also subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.He’ll dance on his hands if you do.


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