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What Writers should be grateful for


I thought about writing this article for those Writers out there who are still struggling to get that first story or novel published. Or even the seasoned pro who’s having trouble rekindling that magic that is buried deep within their creative consciousness. Having personally traversed the treacherous precipice of publication and arriving at the end of the tunnel, I felt I should share some insight with all of you.

As a Writer, you should be grateful for many things. Here are some things to remember:

Reason #1: Imagination-Yes. In order to be a Writer, or at least an effective one, you must have at least a smidgen of imagination. Where else can all those great characters and plots come from. As Writers we live in many worlds simultaneously, which gives Writers an expanded field to operate from.

Reason #2: Depth Perception-This one is important. It should be utilized when creating multi-faceted characters and plots to keep the reader engaged. Too many peaks and your reader will pass out from excitement, too many valleys and you risk putting your reader to sleep. Depth perception helps us Writers know when to turn the heat up in our tales, and, when to allow for a pause in the action before building tension.

Reason #3:Emotion-While I believe every writer should calm, and in control of his/her emotions, that shouldn’t be the case when you’re writing stories. Different types of characters require different emotions, and even if two different characters display the same emotion, it is our job to make sure each character reacts differently to emotion, in order to add excitement and meaning to the story. After all, if every character reacted the same to various emotions, you wouldn’t have much of an interesting story, now would you? Emotion in the story, as in life, requires balance.

Reason #4: Knowledge-Perhaps one of the most important facets of writing. Without knowledge the writer cannot plant an effective seed to cultivate the story. Knowledge requires time to amass and is akin to Depth Perception as it adds valuable information to the story which helps educate the reader. And readers appreciate it if you write to entertain AND educate. That is the cornerstone of writing.

So there you have it. Four major reasons you should be grateful for being a Writer. When you realize you have these four important traits ingrained in yourself, you’ll never look at your writing the same way again.


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