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How to make your writing Universal

Universal Pen

Pssst. You there? Great. Mind if I ask you a question?

Of course you don’t.

Do you want to get the most out of your writing time and craft a story that will make your readers beg for more?

Of course you do.

That’s where your writing comes in. Or rather balanced writing.

As a writer it is your sole obligation to make sure the reader is engaged and entertained while reading your work. Anything less and you may as well go back to your day job.

What I mean is, you need to be more Universal with your writing.

Universal you ask?

Yes. You read correctly.

By adding five or more sub-genres to your chosen genre, you add incredible depth to your writing, you ascend to a higher plane, a place where only the most original scribes aspire to be.

Need an example? Please proceed.

Say for example you like to write adventure. Well in your adventure you could add a little bit of mystery. A strange occurrence that isn’t revealed until the reader is more than halfway into the story. Or better, in the last part of your story. Meanwhile, you add a healthy dose of suspense and some romance to make it interesting.

So now you’re writing an adventure and you’ve already included two sub-genres within your story.

But wait we’re not done yet.

You add some historical background to your story. Nothing too long-winded, just enough to educate your reader and have them begging for more. After all, we’re not writing textbooks here. We’re fiction scribes.

Ok so we’ve got a main genre (adventure) and woven four sub-genres(mystery,history,suspense & romance) into our tale.

Now, it’s time for the encore.

You still need one more sub-genre to complete your writing using Universal Pen. Add some dark humor to the storyline by making two or more quirky characters that your readers can relate to. Now we have humor/quirk factor in our fabulous story.

So its simple. I call this the Universal Pen writing system, but you can just call it making yourself a more balanced writer. You’ll sell more books and have more readers banging on your door for more of your stories.

So it’s a win-win situation for all. The best possible scenario.

Now what writer wouldn’t want that?


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