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Are you a new Author getting ready to publish your first novel? Or a writer who aspires to become published, either through independent or traditional publishing channels?

You are?

Great. Then you’ll find this article informative.

For any writer who has overcome many obstacles (Agent/Publisher rejections, contest losses, abusive writing group members, etc.) publishing that first book can be a bear.

But it doesn’t have to be. Why? Keep reading.

There are so many marketing avenues available in today’s world that you don’t have to have the backing of a major publisher to get the word out how? Here are a few options on how to market yourself efficiently.

Option #1: Finding a good graphic designer-These guys/gals are everywhere and they’re looking to design a special book cover or marketing materials to help make the new author successfull. Any search engine will reveal affordable options to make your work look like a billion bucks. I’m a perfect example. I found a professional graphic designer who gave me a total package job all for under $600. If that is too expensive look for student graphic designers who are willing to work for cheap to build a portfolio. They can also design images which you can turn into marketing materials like: stickers, flyers, posters, etc.

Option #2: Libraries-Go down to a few local libraries and offer to donate your book for free. This helps get your book noticed and you also build rapport with the community. Also give out some free marketing materials for your book. How does this help? Easy. You build good karma and you know what comes around, goes around. In a positive sense of course! The universe always rewards kind deeds.

Option #3: Reading Groups/Friends-Meetup.com is a great place to meet fellow authors and build lasting friendships. You can support one another and build a network to get the word out about your book using social media. It may take time to find the right group of folks, and always remember, no group is better than a bad group. Take your time with this one.

Option #4:Universities-Large public and private school will always take donations. Like Option #3 you build a good name/karma and help get your work exposed to a wide audience.

So there you have it. Four options to getting your new writing career off to a strong start. There’s no timetable for success and don’t expect an overnight explosion of digits in your bank account. Just work hard and put emphasis on enjoying the efforts of your labor.


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