Writing Advice

Where do Writers find their stories?


Someone once asked me: “Hey, T.A., where do you find your stories?”

I smiled and raised my hands. “Why, all around me?” I said.

It’s true. If you want your writing to be authentic, to appeal to a mass audience dying to read spine-tingling stories you have to look around.

No. You won’t find that elusive great story up in your attic. You many find some cobwebs though, perhaps a mouse or two.

The best place is all around you. Go to any public place with lots of people and just soak up the world around you. Observe people talking to one another, laughing, couples kissing, listen to people talking on their smartphone, anything, because when you least expect it, that’s when inspiration comes knocking.

Yep. Its true.

Then bring your tablet or pad and paper and write. Write whatever comes to mind. Me, I like to go to grocery stores, that’s where you’ll find people in droves. You’ll also find stories there too.

But before you can do this you must put your mind at ease. Think about the people you love, or for all you Yoga lovers, meditate for a bit. Relax. When you relax you open your mind to endless possibilities and free your subconcious mind to do its work. To open your…


Caffiene is good to. Or one small can of energy drink. But as always, use in moderation. You don’t want to be bouncing around from caffeine overdose, you want to be upbeat and ready to take in your surroundings.

You want to create. Because that is what writers do. They create worlds and people to populate them so others can enjoy, admire, and be inspired.

Ok once more:where do the best stories come from?



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