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What sets Writers apart from other professions?


Psssstt. Got a second?Great! But better make that two. Two minutes that is. I’d like to tell you what makes writing, and writers special.

No, it’s not the absurd amount of caffeine we ingest, or the hours we put into crafting every sumptuous sentence.

Did you figure it out, yet? No?

Ok. Maybe you think its the amount of sitting involved.

Close. Keep guessing.

Give up? That’s alright, we’re not gameshow contestants. You won’t lose a chance at a trip to Hawaii if you don’t know the answer.

What makes writers special? Well thats a depth question. And I’ll do my best to summarize.

For starters, the amount of solitary time we spend thinking and crafting a story, expanding our minds and souls, conducting research to make our stories accurate and believable. But that’s not all. By writing stories for both ourselves and others, we, drumroll please, we help advance the human race.

I bet you think I’ve lost my mind. Maybe, but don’t tell anyone else that.

Stories, all types of stories, have been told for thousands of years. Ever since the first grunts, of our caveman ancestors. The human race was built on stories and there is always a demand for them.


Because, being the emotion-based creatures we are, we want to exprience the full spectrum of feelings that makes us human.

It’s the same with other mediums: Television, Blu-Ray, Video games, tanning salons. Ok,maybe not tanning salons but you’ll have to excuse me, I havent had my caffeine dose this morning.

Since being human is what defines us, stories tend to define us. And the type of story we’re attracted to indicates which type of emotions we want to engage.

Some of us like to be scared, so we’ll read horror. Some of us want to fall in love, so, you guessed it, we’ll read romance.

That’s pretty much what makes authors special, we’re in the emotion-inducing business and as a writer I’m challenging every writer out there (a positive challenge of course) to take your writing to the next level and give your reader what he/she craves.



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