Writing Advice

How Writers can access infinite power


Ok so now we know where great stories come from. But before you can put yourself in a position to deliver great stories on a regular basis we need to focus on one more thing.


Yes. You. Mr.,Mrs. or Miss Writer. You. The human behind those beautiful words you’re about to craft for others’ enjoyment.

The first step is to build yourself up. How? By helping society. Volunteering. Because, and it may sound cliche, by helping others, society that is, you open your mind to a plethora of positive emotions. And, with this in your writing arsenal, you’ll be a tough writer to beat.

But you ask: I’m not a Romance writer. It doesn’t matter. Whether you write Sci-Fi or dark comedy, you need to give before you’ll receive. Receive more attention for your stories,that is.

That’s why you need to tap into the ultimate power source. Ready?

Time for another one of my drum rolls….

The Universe.

Yup. But wait you ask. How is the universe going to help me?

When you perform a service for others, or society, it comes back in spades. Its cliche but true. Look at some of the great people of history: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa. They gave their best selves and helped millions of others, and by doing so became legendary.

So you want to make your writing legendary so the people who read your stories become inspired and buy more of your books, poetry, short-stories or whatever you like to write. Right?

It’s a positive cricle, the opposite of its nasty twin the vicious circle.

You know I’m right.

But what if you don’t have time to volunteer.

Well, make some. You don’t have to give 20 hours of your day. Even 1-3 hours can make a world of difference.

I know you can do it. How do I know this? Because once, I was searching for the power to elevate my writing, and when I realized that by helping society, others, was the key, I was well ahead of the pack.

Now I share this knowledge with you, my audience, my friends.

So. Get out there. Help society.

You’ll be helping your writing too.


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