Writing Advice

Staying focused while writing toward success


It’s important to realize that writing, like any other occupation, requires time and effort to achieve success.

But you’re probably thinking: “I knew that!”

Great. Keep reading compadre.

The truth is, for us writers, there is never a guarantee that our efforts will ever take us to the Holy Grail of writing, that elusive big advance, or the sale of your book’s movie rights to a big-time Hollywood studio.

For most of us that is, at least early in our writing careers, just a pipe dream.

So here is how you stay focused while chasing your dream of publication.

You forget about the end result. What I mean is, don’t even think about publication.

You’re probably thinking: “Is this guy crazy?”

Well of course I am. After all, I did pursue writing as a career.

What I mean is that you cannot live and die with the thought that publication should be your end goal as a writer.

Its best to just focus on the writing itself. Love of the craft. That is the essence of writing anyway. Those big money book-deals and all the other perks, at least for me, are bonuses.

I’m serious.

In the meantime, how do you stay focused while writing?

Simple. You slow down, and enjoy the beauty of life. Writing, at least until it becomes a full-time occupation, should be pursued exclusively as a hobby, nothing more, and nothing less. That is how you relieve yourself of stress and negativity that can only hinder your creative juices and distract you from your truth path, or Soultrail as I call it. The path that the Universe has chosen for you alone to walk upon.

I wish someone had told me this years ago, when I was just getting started with writing. But now, I’m here to tell you that, enjoying life to its fullest should be your top priority.

When your creative juices stop flowing, it’s time to put the ole laptop on standby and go outside. Walk. Take in the fresh air. Go skydiving. But make sure you check your parachute before doing so.

What I’m trying to say is, living life to your maximum potential will make you a better writer overall.

And that my friends, is the essence of writing.

For what is a writer’s goal if not to explore life and the Human Condition through words.

Now take a deep breath and exhale.


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