Writing Advice

Why being original is Timeless


Originality. Easy to say but hard to accomplish. Why? Because its tough being original. If it wasn’t then everyone could do it. But don’t give up. Keep reading.

The first step in being original is to realize who you are and what you’re trying to do. Do you want to start a new blog? Online business? What is it? Figure what you want to do and you’re on your way to being original.

Next, go out and do as much research as possible in your chosen field. For me I wanted to be the best writer possible, so what I did was read as many books on writing there were. I learned from the best and took my writing to a level I never thought I could. So, in my own way, I became original.

Ok. Now comes the meat-and-potatoes of what I’m trying to say about originality: go out and see what other people in your field are doing. Study them. Take notes. Figure out what makes them successful and then put your own spin on it.

Be original. Work your imagination and see how you can do the exact same thing, but, using a different approach. Dont copy others, the world is filled with copy cats who are either too lazy or indifferent about being original. I know you can do better than that.

Work hard. Being original takes time. This is not something that happens in a few hours, or days, or even months for that matter. Thats why its called being original.

Always remember that anything worth doing is going to be tough. But that’s the beauty of it. Go for it. Make being original what defines your soul.

Finally. Respect what you are doing, and respect others. I always remember what James Scott Bell, a great writer, in his book “The Art of War For writers” says. He tells us: “Respect the craft.”

Good advice. From an original man.

So now you ask: “What do I do next?”

Get started on the road to originality.

I believe in you.


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