How worrying only hurts the worrier

Worry. Like doubt its an ugly five letter word that personfies negativity.

Why do people worry? Well, usually for those they love, people they think about. But even though their heart is in the right place its a self-defeating way to live.

Why? Glad you asked. I can answer that.

Worry is simply energy channeled into something negative. Now, why would you want to put yourself through that torture? Would you stick needles into your arms? No. Of course not. Why? Because it would not be prudent and it would hurt you. Worry is the same thing. Its fear manifested from our mind.

You can turn that around and make it work for you in a better way.

How? Keep reading amigo.

Do yourself a favor. Turn that worry into something positive. Something constructive. Go walk your dog. Take out the trash. Volunteer your time to help others. Turn any fear you may have into positive energy. Trust me it will come back in spades and make you feel great inside and out. Your life will change and you will begin ascending to another level.

Do I worry if my book will sell? Nope. Because I’m already happy knowing that I got published. Of course I’d like to make some money but I dont let worry take up residence in my mind. Besides, I’m too busy writing these articles for you guys. Because I LOVE doing it. Thats my payment. That’s the best payment there is. So why should I worry? That would affect the quality of my work.

Its habit really. Once you get on a roll with keeping yourself busy doing positive things and thinking fun thoughts, worrying will be a thing of the past.

So do yourself a favor. Kick worry in the ass.

You’ll be glad you did.

Your friend, and Blogging buddy,

T.A. Uner


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