Writing Advice

How to make a good Writer great!


I’m often asked by friends and relatives: “How does a writer improve his writing?” Well the answer is simple: Read. For a Fantasy writer such as myself, I not only read heavily within my genre but I also take the time to dust off the old classics. Now before you rush off to go buy a 1000+ page copy of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, remember that it’s the universal themes that become ingrained within a writer’s subconscious mind that helps improve his or her writing. Personally I’ll read anything: from the dusty tome purchased at a second-hand bookshop to a 13 page menu at a restaurant. Yes. There are 13 page menus out there my friends. But that’s another topic in itself.

So my advice for anyone out there, whether you write Fantasy, Erotica, Suspense or Thrillers. The way to go is to read a classic now and then. Let your mind soak up its richness, its beauty. Mix it up my fellow scribes. And of course read within your genre. But never underestimate the power of the almighty classic.

Thats why they’re called classics. Right?


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